For Heavy Vehicle Makeovers

Abrasive & Sand Blasting

By undertaking our sandblasting truck repair stage on site, we achieve military-grade standard surfaces in a few hours for a repair and paint finish that's second to none.

A very clean surface, free of salts, dirt and contaminants, is key to preventing rust and achieving a surface that will hold that paint and make sure it doesn't flake or peel under the rigours of heavy industries.

We prepare the surface to a 60micron profile, a very fine grit that allows paint to grab and to meet manufacturing specifications so we can give you a warranty on the paintwork.

As part of the preparation, we use technology to accurately measure and record the surface profile, relative humidity, dew point, temperature, surface temperature.

We also actively monitor paint film thickness, because the paint will crack if it's too thick and rust out early if it's too thin. When applying industrial anti corrosive paint finishes and coatings with airless technology, we get the thickness of the paint film finishes required, whether it's a vac tanker carrying water, or a refrigerated food truck where the cab needs to be properly prepared to protect it from dampness.

Pro Tip - Sandblasting on-site gets the job done faster

Before a truck is sandblasted, we need to strip it down by removing mirrors, tanks, lights and delicate parts to reduce the change of damage to them and to allow easy access for sandblasting.

Because Mikutta sandblasts on site, you don't need to worry about any of the removed parts being lost or damaged in transit or your truck being defected if it otherwise needed to go from one workshop to the next.

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