For Heavy Vehicle Makeovers

Heavy Vehicle Crash & Insurance Repairs

If you're looking for a heavy vehicle crash repairer in Adelaide, Mikutta will get the job done quickly and done right every time.

We know that for you, time is money. That's why everything to do with the body of your truck at Mikutta will happen on site from panel beating to chassis straightening, sandblasting the perfect surface, to re-spraying, airbrushing or applying vinyl signage.

As a one-stop-shop, Mikutta is a great choice if you want to:

  • Make one call to organise it all - you'll have one contact from start to finish
  • Get back on the road faster - unlike coordinating separate services, your truck will move smoothly from one stage of the repair to the next without delays
  • Avoid buck-passing - our panel-beaters, sprayers and signwriters are on the same team, so your truck will pass stringent internal quality checks at every stage
  • Only move your truck once - because lights, mirrors, fuel tanks and more often need to be removed, you won't be left with the issue of moving a non-roadworthy truck from workshop to workshop and you don't risk parts being lost along the way

For a hassle-free, one-stop service that will get your heavy vehicle back in shape and working for you again in no time CONTACT US for a quote

Pro Tip - Truck Chassis Straightening

Did you know most truck chassis repairers in Adelaide don't use specialised equipment?

Did you know most truck chassis repairers in Adelaide don't use specialised equipment?

Unlike the forklifts, tow trucks and DIY solutions others use, our state-of-the-art Black Hawk HD Korek Chassis Straightener is the latest in European engineering.

We've installed it in a purpose-built warehouse and laser-levelled the floor within 2mm over 200m2.

This creates the perfect conditions for near-perfect alignment, no weak-points created by the metal being improperly manipulated and long term better fuel efficiency and wear for your truck.

Repairing plastic and fibreglass panels & bonnets

Our truck crash repairs service starts with recognising the material we're working with and choosing the right resins, materials and techniques to repair it right the first time.

From compositive aluminium sheeting used in refrigerated trucks, to plastics and modern fibreglass which is different to that found on older trucks, we're expert in getting good quality joins and repairs.


Engineering reports for road and safety compliance

Whether you need to satisfy your chain of responsibility obligations following a mining truck rollover or legal obligations if your truck has been defected, we can provide the assurance you need through our engineers who are signatories to the relevant authorities.

We can facilitate engineering reports to assure:

  • Structural integrity of heavy vehicle cab repairs, due to accidents, rust or other damage
  • Chain of responsibility obligations have been met


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