For Heavy Vehicle Makeovers

Truck Respraying & Signage

When it comes to making a statement about your business on the road, you can't look past the impressive finish Mikutta will deliver for your corporate fleet or truck.

Many government agencies and businesses in logistics, construction and mining consider branding their cranes, tankers, trailers, graders, diggers, excavators, taxis and more as fundamental to their marketing.

Branding your heavy vehicle fleet can help increase awareness of your business, promote products or services and position your brand more favourably in the minds of other road users, including existing and new customers.

The high-quality paint finishes Mikutta is known for is testament to the meticulous approach of our experienced team and our modern facilities, which are second-to-none. We stand by our quality, and that's why customers continue to stand by us.

Respraying in our custom-built painting booth

When it comes to painting or re-spraying a heavy vehicle, the best gloss, colour consistency and overall finish comes from technicians being able to work without interruption for longer.

Our spray booth is a dedicated workroom big enough to fit a crane and provides the optimum working conditions for our team so they can work safely, for longer. It features an advanced environmental control system with down-draft technology to quickly whisk particles away from the technician and truck surface, towards the floor for:

  • More even colour - our painters can work for up to twice as long as those operating in standard workshops so more of your truck will be painted in the one session
  • More even finish - our painters can get right up close to the surface of the truck so they can spot and correct tiny drips, runs and imperfections straight away
  • More shine - with little overspray to settle and mar the surface of the truck, the gloss is noticeably high and the coat will dry faster.

With a fire escape door every few metres and an effective hazards filtration system, our spray booth is better for our people, the environment and for the appearance of your truck.

Airbrushing Truck Signage ultimate personalisation and permanency

Eye-catching decorative scrolls, pinstripes and decals are among some of the ways you can personalise and enliven the appearance of your truck or corporate fleet.

Airbrushing provides the ultimate in personalisation and quality truck branding. While traditionally favoured by truck enthusiasts and owner-operators for its appearance and permanency, some companies choose to airbrush a signature truck in their fleet to create a talking-point on the road.

We enlist artisans who are in demand around the world for their unique, hand-drawn illustrations and embellishments. The result is highest quality finish, and talking-point distinctiveness to make any brand memorable on the road.

Vinyl Wrap Signage vibrant branding with flexibility

Vinyl wrap is perfect for customers who want to brand their truck with signage that looks great and is easy to remove when their contract ends. Vinyl comes off easily so you can trade your truck in without the cost of a full respray two or three or four years down the track.

Our years of experience applying vinyl signage to heavy vehicles means we know how to adjust for distortions that will happen on curved surfaces, like cement trucks. We also remove elements like door handles out rather than cutting around them so high-pressure cleaning doesn't get underneath the vinyl and lift it off before you're ready to remove it.

Pro Tip - Vinyls aren't vinyls

The vinyl we use at Mikutta is specific to the industry so it will stand up to the harsh environment in construction, logistics and unlike vinyl others use, ours is one of the few vinyls specifically recommended for commercial vehicles and trucks.

High pressure, acid washes, hydraulic oils and diesels, boot scuffs and the everyday rough and tumble of a truck's life won't phase it at all.

What Our Clients Say

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